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Ricardo Graham Ferreira

“The emphasis on the term “o ebanista” given by Ricardo in his brand makes a lot of sense. It is symbolically a point of convergence between two cultures, two moments; a historic way of affirming that there is a recognizable signature in his design, a delicate and attentive look that rescues and values traditional techniques learned abroad, while pursuing the curved (and light) line of the modern ideal to exalt the rich diversity of native woods with which works: roxinho, muirapiranga, muiracatiara, cumaru, cedar, red sucupira, ipê, freijó, peroba mica and peroba do campo, obtained both from certified forest management and from structures of old constructions mined throughout Brazil.

In the end, this search for raw material underlies the entire process and becomes as important as the work itself. Ricardo Graham Ferreira is part of a generation of Brazilian cabinet makers who found in scarcity a profound respect for fine woods; they pay extra attention so that past crimes are not repeated, as in the infamous case of the jacarandá-da-baía; and encourage such challenges as an opportunity to investigate new species and their properties (such as tone, smell and density) to imprint a new aesthetic model and educate our gaze towards the richness that surrounds us.


Diversity based on adversity to interrupt the cycle of irresponsible consumption, nostalgic language addictions, and propose a new relevance to the craft.”

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