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Rafael Chvaicer

A student at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of São Paulo (FAU-USP), he also studies aesthetics and philosophy of art. At the invitation of the Vapor 324 office, author of the project for the Tuju restaurant, the NeuteChvaicer duo handcrafted the Água-Viva brass lamps, equipped with LEDs.

“We want each component of the product to be a strong and apparent plastic element”, summarizes Rafael Chvaicer. He and his partner, Ana Neute, flirt with architecture, object design, furniture and lighting technology. The two signed the partnership in 2010, driven by the desire to create utilities. They turned Ana's grandmother's little house, in São Paulo, into a workshop and continue there until today giving shape to their ideas – some made to order, such as the lamps developed for the Tuju restaurant. “We started with a great desire to get our hands dirty, which is still important for us.


Part of a new generation of architects committed to establishing their own brand, the duo cites the modern movement as a reference. “It is our closest tradition. Everything that can be done, even a subversion or tradition, starts from there”, says Rafael.

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