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Stx Oca Chair

Stx Oca Chair

"In the 1970s, Brazilian design began to emerge. After the 1960s, with the explosion of modern Brazilian architecture and its consequent generation of equipment to furnish interiors, the need arose to create solutions to meet the new functions of living, as a result of development of the time.
The OCA STX chair is an example of this. A simple and comfortable shell for the seat and backrest, flanked by solid wood side structures, for feet and armrests, facilitating its use by all generations. It was part of a collection developed for OCA, an iconic furniture company, founded by Sergio Rodrigues, which integrated its range of models, after the period that its brilliant founder left the company.
The 1977 OCA STX chair, designed by Freddy Van Camp, was produced by OCA until it closed. The current reinterpretation, with fine finishing and upholstery versions, produced by Elon Móveis de Design, is part of a product valuation, where we rediscover items with quality design that were lost over time. Design carpentry, typical of the current era, allows us to once again offer a flexible, adequate product with personality to the Brazilian public, so in need of values that make sense." By Freddy Van Camp.


    Freddy Van Camp



    - 55x55x80h


    - Freijó solid wood structure
    - details (buttons) in polished solid brass
    - fabric provided | 2m (list. X stamp +20%)

    - leather supplied | 3.0m2
    - indoor use
    - does not accept special measures


    In the photo: natural freijó | caramel natural leather | Polished solid brass knobs.

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