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Clothes Rack Three

Clothes Rack Three

“ TRÊS is a piece of Brazilian Contemporary furniture that expands the possibilities of using traditional hangers. It proposes an object that is completely intuitive and free for interpretations. It has a minimalist and objective design, without excesses. With purity in its line, the piece has a sculptural character. Its fitting avoids the use of any screws or greater complexities, giving the illusion of the shelf floating.
The choice of typical Brazilian solid wood is the cherry of the project by highlighting the cultural roots, adding even more identity to this timeless design.” By Gustavo Martini.


    Gustavo Martini


    - 60x40x165h


    - tubular structure in carbon steel
    - special paint for metals
    - Freijó solid wood shelf - does not accept special measures
    - does not disassemble
    - indoor use


    In the photo: special black paint | natural freijó wood

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