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Vitral Buffet

Vitral Buffet

“The Vitral buffet makes reference to the ancient culture of stained glass and everything it represents. For its beauty, for the use, exploitation and appreciation of natural light, for the mixture of colors, the worship of the image, as the cathedrals used it to disseminate Christian culture through images for the illiterate population, among others. In addition, VITRAL adds a very characteristic value to the furniture, due to its handmade process, making each one unique. Therefore, this buffet makes reference to this rich and symbolic element. It is also characterized by the contrast between the craftsmanship, VITRAL, with the more industrial production of carpentry. The exploratory stage of this piece of furniture came through an investigative process about the culture and production of stained glass. Its processes and about everything it represents. Therefore, it is a tribute and appreciation of a production, of a material that, despite time and innovation, continues to have the same characteristics and beauties." By Gustavo Bittencourt.


    Gustavo Bittencourt


    - 222x50x75h  (4 ports)

    - 273x50x75h (5 doors)


    - laminated in Freijó or Sucupira
    - bronze glass stained glass windows
    - steel feet with floor leveler
    - stained glass frames in painted steel - colorless acrylic background
    - special measures on request
    - indoor use



    In the photo: laminated in sucupira | stained glass frame and feet in black painted steel | bronze glass | 4 doors | 2.22 m

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