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Buffet Uapé

Buffet Uapé

"The sinuous outline of the UAPÉ leaf (means Victoria Regia, a term in the indigenous language of the Uaupés, a tribe from the upper Amazon), was chosen to define the piece's graphics. I believe that all furniture must fulfill the purpose and use for which it was designed , but that has to bring something more, that's why I look for references from nature, so that everyone who looks at and knows the concept that led to the drawing, can even for a moment connect to something essential and that is bigger than all of us and that we are not, the greater good of humanity, which must be cared for and preserved, Nature". By Bruno Rangel.


    Bruno Rangel



    - 240x50x80h (6 ports)


    - laminated in Freijó
    - solid Freijó doors
    - does not accept special measures - does not disassemble
    - indoor use


    In the photo: box and feet in laminated freijó | solid freijó doors | 240 x 50 x 80h | 6 doors

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