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Duo Buffet

Duo Buffet

“Buffet DUO started from experimenting with optical effects applied to a furniture project. The idea was to create a piece of furniture that could be perceived in different ways when viewed from different angles. For this, the main challenge was to find the best geometry and proportion of the prisms with a triangular base that generate the visual effect of the doors. On each slat, one of the faces is given the base color while the other is painted with a contrasting one. In addition to being innovative and versatile, the DUO Buffet focuses on the user's needs, serving to complement the support in the room, in addition to expanding the storage capacity. It has three doors, two of which are divided by shelves, another with a large opening for larger objects and a drawer for smaller utensils. The Buffet proposes adaptation to the observed environment and, as its name suggests, the DUO acts visually as two pieces of different colors”. By Gustavo Martitni.


    Gustavo Martini


    - 222x50x78h (4 ports)

    - 273x50x78h (5 ports)


    - laminated in Freijó
    - Freijó x solid Sucupira doors
    - solid wood feet with leveler
    - solid brass hinges and handles - does not accept special measures
    - indoor use


    In the photo: box in freijó | doors in solid freijó x ipe | 222 x 50 x 78h | 4 doors

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