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Isabela Vecci

Isabela Vecci is an architect by training and born in Minas Gerais, but her multidisciplinary production has crossed borders and gained the world. Formed in 1988, it has in its curriculum product projects in the most diverse areas, in addition to signing projects and scenography for exhibitions, interior and architecture projects for residential, commercial and cultural spaces, in Brazil and abroad.

Inspired by literature and history, Isabela Vecci seeks to appropriate images – mental or material – to transform them into products of great poetry. In his view, furniture and objects could not be devoid of history. Launched in 2011, the Memory Furniture line illustrates this concept well.

Based on the idea of dwelling as a way of "being in the world" and in cities, defended by the German philosopher Martin Heidegger (1889-1976), she created wooden furniture for different uses, with digital prints of buildings from different eras in Belo Horizonte. , the city where the architect and designer has her office. Experimenting with new materials and interest in craft techniques, as in the 2013 Tornado bench, made with soapstone, are other highlights of her work.

The architectural projects designed by Isabela Vecci are full of identity. Your furniture already has a name and a last name. The careful choice of materials and attention to detail are hallmarks of his creations. 

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