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Guga Casari

Born in 1962, he is a self-taught designer, writer and carpenter. When I was 16, I inherited some machines and joinery tools from my grandfather and started making furniture and objects. In 1982, I abandoned the study of Industrial Design, wanting to follow my own path.


I worked for 3 years in marinas in Florida. In 86 I returned to Brazil, developing pieces and furniture of my own design. In 1992, hired to advise a Brazilian company on the manufacture and installation of window frames in the Caribbean, I returned to the USA for another period. Back in 1994, I opened Casari Design, where I make my pieces, improving ergonomics, shapes, and developing technology. My focus is the craft, its humility and discipline, in relation to doing I see design involving the integrality of being, Ethos, translated into Est-Ethics.

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